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WELCOME!  To Help With Excel!  This is Doug.  And I am an Excel Guru, and I am a tutor in Excel.  I have been using and tutoring in Microsoft Excel for over 20 years and can help you out with just about any kind of spreadsheet problem/opportunity that you have. If you don’t already have Microsoft Excel, please purchase it here.

Feel free to look around my website and submit any questions or comments you may have at the bottom of the pages.



If you have any spreadsheet applications or projects you’d like me to implement for you, feel free to submit for a quote!  I’d be happy to spec out a price for you.  Here is normally how the process works:

  1. Client submits proposal.
  2. I spec out a price for the proposal.
  3. Client submits a Go/No Go based on the price and pays for 1/2 up front.
  4. I do the project.
  5. I send out screenshots to client to ensure they contain what client wants.
  6. When satisfied, client pays for other 1/2 of project and sends sign-off sheet.
  7. I send completed project to client.

I am based in the Chicago, IL, area, but can work with anyone in the world (the wonders of technology!).

Please use the area below to submit a proposal:

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I can also tutor those individuals who are interested in learning more about Microsoft Excel.  I have over 20 years experience using the product, so I know the in’s and out’s of it.  Please contact me using the above form if interested in tutoring.








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4 thoughts on “Help With Excel

  1. Hey Doug, I was reading your article. I don’t really use excel myself but I might be interested in learning about it. I have bookmarked your site. I have a friend who might be interested as he is starting his own business and he is anal about organization. ( you do that right? with the spreadsheets? I’ll mention it to him and see what he says. Thanks for the info.

    • Polly,

      Yes, Excel is with the spreadsheets. And sure, if you could pass on the word, that’d be fantastic! Thanks much for the comment.


  2. I am very pleased to get some more insight into how Excel works and what I can use it for.
    Can I use the contact formula to a wordpress blog?

    • Steen,

      Yes, I believe there is a way to use Excel contact formulas and link them to a wordpress blog. Just go into the Help function for details on how to do it!



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